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With our IRCd hosting, our staff can setup your network’s server, services, and even network protection (BOPM). An IRCd Hosting account allows you to run a private/public server for users to connect to. Our servers for IRCd are in multiple locations and we allow you to choose your location, giving you flexibility or you could even host multiple IRCd servers for a larger network without having to deal with multiple providers. If none of the packages below fit your specific needs please contact us on or e-mail us for a custom package. 




Ircd Features 





  Standard Professional
User Limit 500 1000
Disk Space 300 MB 1,000 MB
 Price Per Month
$7.99 $11.99
IP Addresses (IPv4) 1 1
IP Addresses (IPv6) 8 32
Background Processes 3 10
SSH Access
Setup Available
Hub or Leaf
Unmetered Bandwith
DDoS Protection
Full DNS Hosting
 Free Installations
Choice of Server Location
Choose your desired server location:
(normally the one closest to you)
Dallas, TX, USA    
Amsterdam, NL, EU