Installing sBNC-1.2

First of all, log into the shell account that will host the BNC. When you are logged in, follow this guide.

Get the source by typing:

To untar sbnc-1.2 type:
tar xvfz sbnc-1.2.tar.gz

Next, you need to change your working directory to the sbnc-1.2 folder that was just created by the previous command:
cd sbnc-1.2

and now you need to configure it and make it ready for the install:

To compile and install it:
make && make install
gmake && gmake install

a new directory will be created when you're done with this.. (/home/sbnc/). Go to the new direction by typing:
cd ~/sbnc

Type ./sbnc this should appear:
1. Which port should the bouncer listen on (valid ports are in the range 1025 - 65535): Type in the port you want.
2. What should the first user's name be? Add-your-identd-here (Identd can be found out by typing /identd on mirc)
3. Please enter a password for the first user: enter password
Writing main configuration file... DONE
Writing first user's configuration file... DONE
Configuration has been successfully saved. Please restart shroudBNC now.

Done! All you need to do now is type ./sbnc to start your BNC server...

[bnc@vps sbnc]$ ./sbnc
shroudBNC (loader: 1.2 $Revision: 1080 $) - an object-oriented IRC bouncer
Daemonizing... DONE

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