sBNC Setup

How to configure sBNC:
There are many ways of course to configure sBNC, but I am going to show you 2.
The quick way to configure sBNC is to do it on one line using "&&"
wget && tar xvfz sbnc-1.2.tar.gz && cd sbnc-1.2 && ./configure && make && make install && cd ~/sbnc && ./sbnc

Now I am going to take it step by step.
1. You would start with the wget of sBNC from a specified site. 
2. Now you need to tar it. Since the package you acquired is sbnc-1.2.tar.gz, this is the file you will tar. (Unpack)
 tar xvfz sbnc-1.2.tar.gz
3. Now that you've tar'd the specified package, you can now go into the directory. A file that has been tarred is the file without the "tar.gz". So the file is "sbnc-1.2" You use "cd" to go into a directory.
cd sbnc-1.2
4. Now you want to configure your sBNC. This basically sets everything up. It's recommended you have tcl setup, because when sBNC configures, it sees if it's there and if it's not, it doesn't use it. tcl will help sBNC perform more intellect commands.
5. Now it's time for you to really configure the process. This is the process that really matters over anything in most minds. If you cannot use 'make', please try 'gmake'
make or gmake 
6. Now it's time for you to install the sBNC into the appropriate directory, sBNC.
make install
7. Now it's time to go into that directory.
cd ~/sbnc
8. Now to set it up with the information, and also the way to boot sBNC

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