Unreal Setup

How to configure Unreal:
Of course, like most things that have to deal with *nix, there are alternative routes to everything. There of course is a fast way to get Unreal and unpack it and there is of course, a slow way that still works. Some people prefer the fast way over the slow way, so I will show you the fast way and the slow way.

The Fast Way:
First you would start of a wget. The wget consists of where the file is. Then you would put ‘&&’ to basically separate the lines. If you are familiar with mSL, a | (pipe), is basically a && but continuant. Then you tar the files, and of course use ‘&&’ again. After that, you cd into the Unreal3.2.7 directory and ‘./Config’

wget http://files.alexisnet.net/unreal/Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz && tar xvfz Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz && cd Unreal3.2.7 && ./Config                          
After you finish putting the information in for ‘./Config’, you must ‘make’ and ‘make install’. After that, your Unreal conf should be ready for you to edit. Make sure you do edit your conf before you start. ‘unrealircd.conf’ is the file.
The Super Fast Way:
Another fast way to install this is to do it in one line. This is not recommended because you can’t edit your ./Config you may want to, but it’s also a very unique way to install the Unreal3.2.7 quickly.

wget http://files.alexisnet.net/unreal/Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz && gzip -d Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz && tar xf Unreal3.2.7.tar && cd Unreal3.2.7 && ./Config -quick & make all install

The Slow but Efficient Way:
 For this way, I will take you through the process step by step as I show you how to install and configure Unreal3.2.7. During this process, if you cannot use ‘make’, please use ‘gmake’

1. wget the file.
- wget http://files.alexisnet.net/unreal/Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz
2. tar the file.
- tar xvfz Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz
3. go into the directory.
- cd Unreal3.2.7
4. Set up the Unreal.
- ./Config
5. Configure it.
- make
6. Install it
- make install
You have now installed Unreal3.2.7, please edit the config file and you should be ready to go. To run the Unreal, please type: ./unreal start

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